Archimedes is proud to Co-Organize WALE

Archimedes AI and Data Science Research Hub at Athena Research Center is proud to co-organize the Workshop on Algorithms for Learning and Economics (WALE). This event has successfully brought together 150 top international researchers in mechanism design, auction design, market design, and econometrics. Archimedes had a strong presence with 18 researchers presenting their work at the workshop.

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The workshop kicked off on Monday, June 17th, with an introduction by one of the organizers, Prof. Manolis Zampetakis, a distinguished Professor at Yale University and Lead Researcher at Archimedes. Prof. Zampetakis welcomed participants and set the stage for a week of intensive academic exchange and collaboration. Esteemed professors delivered keynote talks, setting a high standard for the following days.

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On the second day, the workshop continued with insightful talks and a poster session exploring the intersection of Learning and Game Theory. Researchers presented their latest findings, sparking discussions on new theoretical advancements and practical applications. The third day was dedicated to Mechanism Design, featuring presentations and poster sessions that delved into the complexities and innovations within this crucial area. Trustworthy AI was the focal point on the fourth day, addressing one of the most pressing concerns in the field of AI and data science. Talks and discussions centered on ensuring the reliability, fairness, and ethical standards of AI systems, highlighting ongoing research and future directions. The workshop concluded on a high note with the final day dedicated to Algorithms and Learning.

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Throughout last week, WALE provided a platform for top-tier researchers to share knowledge, foster collaborations, and drive forward the frontiers of learning and economics. Participants left the workshop with new insights, potential partnerships, and a renewed commitment to advancing their respective fields. Many thanks to Archimedes lead researchers Prof. Chara Podimata, Prof. Katerina Sotiraki, Prof. Christos Tzamos, Prof. Manolis Zampetakis and the rest of the amazing organizing committee for bringing together the international research community in Machine Learning and Economics.

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For more updates and detailed information about the workshop, visit the official WALE website at


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